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RSG-Sweden is a non-profit organisation, for students and researchers from all backgrounds, with a goal to promote and increase knowledge of computational biology and bioinformatics across Sweden.

We are a part of Nordic Computational Biology and the ISCB Student Council.

Download our flyer (PDF) to help promote RSG-Sweden.

About Us

Sweden's Computational Biology Organisation

RSG-Sweden was launched in February 2018, and it was first introduced at the Lund University. Our mission is to encourage everyone to get interested in computational biology. By bringing people from life science and computer science areas, we aim to create opportunities for cross-disclipinary collaborations across Sweden.


We aim to organise social and academic events, and for this purpose, we are happy and open to collaborate with: STEM organisations including research and industrial organisations in Sweden, Nordic RSGs and, RSGs across the world.

In addition, with a concept of RSG-Sweden branches, we encourage members to join us and help expand computational biology and bioinformatics communities across Sweden. Find out how to set up a branch!

Join Sweden’s community of computational biologists!

To become a member, just sign up on Slack! and introduce yourself!

We are looking for people to contribute to the following committees regardless of academic level and background. We appreciate willingness and enthusiasm to learn and grow with our amazing team!

Web Committee

We maintain the website and work with RSG-Sweden branches to keep it up-to-date. Join our team and let's brainstorm ideas! You can also join us on GitHub!

Education Committee

One of the RSG-Sweden's goals is to build and contribute to education and training resources. We aim to achieve our goal by organising workshops and hackathons. For this purpose, we are open to collaborations with high schools and STEM organisations.

Outreach Committee

We promote events and come up with ideas on how to reach more audience. You should definitely join us if you enjoy putting together science/tech-themed events. We welcome people who are interested in social media management, graphic designing, etc.

Become a branch of RSG-Sweden!

We encourage you to join our growing network of computational biology communities across Sweden. Establishing a branch is a great way to connect with a wider community of people from different fields.

It's easy to get started:

  • Assemble a team of friends and colleagues. Team members can be from different academic backgrounds.

  • Make sure your branch team has:
    1. A president and a vice-president; to lead your team
    2. Team members to help leader(s) in taking care of branch meetings, and optionally
    3. A finance team, to apply for funding when/if need be
    4. An outreach team, to help with organising events and promotion via RSG-Sweden's digital platforms
    5. Advisor(s) to support and guide your team. Note: only PIs and postdocs are eligible as advisors.

Interested in setting-up a branch in your university city? Get in touch via Slack!

What's next?

We will help you get started with your first local event. For inspiration, check out activities from other branches and ISCB's Regional Student Groups including Nordic RSGs!

RSG-Sweden: Lund

Our branch is associated with Lunds naturvetarkår (LUNA). Join our branch to get involved as much as you like.
No experience is required but willingness and enthusiasm to help grow our branch!

Ninoslav Pandiloski

MSc Bioinformatics Student

Joel Ströbaek

MSc Bioinformatics Student

David Hidalgo Gil

Finance Chair
MSc Bioinformatics Student

Stein Acker

MSc Bioinformatics Student

Raquel Garza

PhD Student

Dr. Helena Persson

Assistant Researcher,
Oncology & Pathology

Dr. Dag Ahrén

Course Organiser Bioinformatics MSc Programme,
Bioinformatician, NBIS (SciLifeLab)

RSG-Sweden: Umeå

Are you based at Umeå University or SLU Umeå? Join our branch to get involved!

Chayan Kumar Saha

PhD Student

Firoj Mahmud

PhD Student

Dr. Gemma C. Atkinson

Assistant Professor,
Department of Molecular Biology

Dr. Nicolas Delhomme

Researcher at SLU, SLUBI representative for the S faculty & UPSC bioinformatics facility manager

Dr. Uwe Sauer

Senior lecturer (Associate Professor), Department of Chemistry

RSG-Sweden: Uppsala

Are you based at Uppsala University (UU) or Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (SLU) in Uppsala? Join our branch to get involved!
News: We are happy to be mentioned on Uppsala University's website!
Register soon for our upcoming event!

Begüm Serra Büyüktarakçı

Researcher, UU

Inês Borges

MSc Bioinformatics Student, UU

Florentine Ballhaus

Researcher, SLU

Ahmet Melih Öten

MSc Bioinformatics Student, SLU

Zeynep Kurt

PhD Student, UU

Dr. Lisa Klasson

Associate Professor, UU

RSG-Sweden: Göteborg

Part of the Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network (GOTBIN). Are you based at Gothenburg University and/or Chalmers University of Technology? Join our branch to get involved!

Open position


Open position


Dr. Marcela Davila

Head of the Bioinformatics Core Facility
University of Gothenburg

RSG-Sweden: Stockholm

Are you based at a university in Stockholm? Join our Stockholm branch to get involved!

Open position


Open position


Dr. Maxime Garcia

Bioinformatician, SciLifeLab

RSG-Sweden: Core Team

Nazeefa Fatima

Computational biologist


Martin Rydén

PhD Student

Lund University

Arne Elofsson

Faculty Member
Professor in Bioinformatics

Stockholm University

Your Name Here

Open Position

RSG-Sweden Events

We follow the code of conduct by Nordic Computational Biology for our events.

Interested in collaboration? or got ideas for events you would like us to organise? Let us know via social media or Slack!

If you want to promote your event via our platforms, send us promotion material at

Upcoming & Past Events: 2021

Past Events: 2020

  • LGBTQ+ STEM Day. Organiser: Core Team (18 November 2020)

  • Virtual Meetup. Organiser: Lund Branch (29 October 2020)

  • Networking Hour (Online event). Organiser: Core Team (22 September 2020)

Past Events: 2019

Past Events: 2018


We greatly appreciate efforts from all those who contributed towards building RSG-Sweden. Huge thanks to people at the:


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